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Can Duct Sealing Reduce the Amount of Dust in My Home?
Monday, March 09, 2015
Cut back on dust indoors with duct sealing

Duct leaks undoubtedly contribute to the dust levels in your home, but they also negatively impact energy efficiency.

Does a clean house go hand-in-hand with energy efficiency? It just might. There are many things that will affect the amount of dust that travels into and around your home, and one of those things is your ductwork. Your ducts can also affect your energy efficiency. Wondering how it is all related? Here's a breakdown:

Duct Sealing and Dust

If you have any kind of leaks in your air ducts, those leaks can allow dust to travel back through your HVAC system and into your house. This is especially true if the leaks are near the air return vents. If you think you're sick of dusting normally, try it with leaky ducts! It's nearly impossible.

Sealing those holes will help prevent the dust from circulating throughout your house. It can also reduce the chances of mold moving through the ducts and getting into your air.

Duct Sealing and Energy Efficiency

When ducts leak it can decrease energy efficiency by as much as 20%. Instead of the air being circulated through your home to achieve your desired temperature, some of it is getting routed through those holes and leaks, which makes it harder for your heating and cooling system to do its job. Sealing the leaks will not only reduce the dust in your home but will increase the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling system and, best of all, could lower your utility bills.

The most effective way to cut down on dust and increase your HVAC system energy efficiency is to hire a licensed HVAC contractor to inspect and seal your ducts. Good news: our professional team at All City Heat and Air is here to help. When you're ready to reduce dust and increase energy efficiency in your home, contact us or call All City Heat and Air at 704-545-2000.

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It turned out that our painting contractor put a nail through one of the AC lines in our walls and caused a Puron leak. Ernie was able to find the leak and fixed our problem at no charge to us even though it was not his fault and it took him considerable time and effort. His persistence and patience were amazing. This was the most impressive contractor experience that I have ever had.

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