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3 Ways a Digital Thermostat Will Save You Money
Thursday, November 17, 2016

Don’t dismiss heating and cooling accessories/upgrades as a waste of money. They can really save you money, if you choose the right one. Digital thermostats are an easy upgrade that can make a huge difference in your comfort level and your energy bills. Here are 3 ways one will save you money:

#1: Save Money by Only Heating When You Need It

A digital thermostat can be set so you only use your heat when you need it, or when you want it. Program it so your house cools down when you’re sleeping or away at work and you’ll use less energy. Programming it when you’re on vacation will also help save money by keeping the temperature slightly lower so you aren't’ spending money to heat a home you’re not in.

#2: Save Money When You Turn It Down

A digital thermostat allows you to be very specific when setting your temperature. Lowering your thermostat just one degree in the winter can save you 1% on your energy bill. You won’t notice a few degrees difference in your home, but you will on your utility bill. A digital thermostat allows you to set it and forget it, while reducing your energy use and saving money.

#3: Set a Schedule, Save a Bundle

You know your schedule best, you know when you’re home and away, when you want to be extra cozy and when you like it a little less warm. With a good digital thermostat, you can program it to be more or less warm depending on when you need it, when you’re home, and when you’re away. Simply setting a schedule properly on your programmable thermostat can save you a bundle over time.

Don’t spend more than you need to on your energy bills. Invest in the right accessories/upgrades to save you money by contacting the pros at All City Heat and Air today.

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Tom and I would like to take a moment to thank you for your recent visit to inspect and clean our heating equipment. As always, we received your normal professional and informative information. We consider you the most knowledgeable person we have ever dealt with when it comes to our heating and cooling equipment. When you put in our new system a few years ago you advised us on what would work best for our home and we were very pleased with what we decided to have installed.

We have been dealing with you for years and would not consider contacting anyone else when we have a problem or for our annual inspection. We do not hesitate to recommend you to all of our family and friends whenever they have a need for a top notch heating and air specialist.

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