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Top 3 Electrical Issues Associated with HVAC Repairs
Thursday, November 03, 2016

Your heating and air conditioning system keeps your home and your family comfortable, even if you don’t always give it much thought. When do you notice it? When it isn’t working right. There are some very common issues that crop up with HVAC systems. Here are 3 of the top electrical issues associated with HVAC repairs:

Electrical Issue #1: Blown Fuses

The good news with blown fuses is they’re generally easy and inexpensive to fix. When a fuse blows on your HVAC system, it’s generally to protect the condenser when the unit is receiving too much amperage.

If you have experience working with electrical equipment, you may be able to change the fuses yourself. If you’re not an experienced electrician, it’s better to call in an HVAC professional to get the fuses fixed.

Electrical Issue #2: Worn Wires

Everything can get worn out, even the wiring on your HVAC system. Regular maintenance can help identify wires that are beginning to show wear and tear before issues arise. If this electrical problem isn’t caught and fixed, it can cause your system to shut down.

An HVAC technician can replace the old wiring and get your heating and air conditioning back in business. Consider adding preventative maintenance to your home upkeep list to prevent this issue in the future.

Electrical Issue #3: Failing Capacitors

A capacitor delivers voltage to the motor of your HVAC system so it will run. When a capacitor fails, the motor that runs the system doesn’t get any electricity and your system will stop working. If the system is humming, but the fan isn’t blowing, it’s probably your capacitor. A certified technician can diagnose and repair the problem.

Nothing is worse than when your HVAC system goes out in the middle of a hot day or a cold night. Once you know some of the potential electrical issues, it’s easier to know what may or may not be wrong when your system is on the fritz. For all the assistance you need to service and repair your heating and air conditioning system, contact the pros at All City Heat and Air today.

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It turned out that our painting contractor put a nail through one of the AC lines in our walls and caused a Puron leak. Ernie was able to find the leak and fixed our problem at no charge to us even though it was not his fault and it took him considerable time and effort. His persistence and patience were amazing. This was the most impressive contractor experience that I have ever had.

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