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How Can I Eliminate Indoor Odors?
Thursday, March 24, 2016
Technician replacing air filter

Are you curious about the state of your indoor air quality? If you’ve been feeling like your home is a little less than fresh lately, don’t fret. There are solutions! And one of them is a good air filtration system. They work in a few ways to help get rid of the odors and improve the quality of the air you’re breathing.

What’s That Smell?

Everyone’s house smells a little different, which can be good or bad. If your house leaves you asking, “What’s that smell?” more often than not, it could be a number of culprits. Some of the most common things that can make for a smelly house are smoke, pets, cooking odors, cleaning products, water, dust, and mold.

What Does Air Filtration Do?

When you have lingering odors in your home, they’re not going to just go away on their own. One of the best ways to fight the particles that make up the odor is to filter them out of your air. This is what an air filtration system does. It pulls air through a special filter that grabs and traps the smelly particles, and the bonus is it also traps common allergens like pollen and dust mites.

Are All Filters Created Equal?

Getting the right filtration system for your home is critical to getting the best results. Following environmental standards and providing the proper installation to ensure effective filtration, cleaner air, and a healthier home, are all part of the process, and you get rid of the odors at the same time.

Whether you’re trying to get rid of pesky odors or just make some breathing room with fresher air, an air filtration system can help. When you’re ready to find out how to get rid of odors and improve your indoor air quality, contact the team at All City Heat and Air today.

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I have been a long time customer of All City Heat and Air, and this review is long overdue. I have used All City's services for 15 years and every experience has be a very good one.

Short, sweet and to the point this is an exceptional company. The owner's and employee's work ethic and quality of work are excellent.The service provided is prompt, professional and always above and beyond the expected.

It's big city service with small town appeal. On a scale of 1 to 10...I give them an 11!

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Merry Bishop