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How Air Purifiers Work to Enhance Indoor Air Quality
Thursday, August 25, 2016
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If you're concerned about your indoor air quality, then you may want to consider an air purifier. These wonderful devices can reduce indoor air pollution, which is very important particularly if you have allergies or are sensitive to airborne particles.

What do Purifiers Remove From the Air?

Your rooms may contain pet dander, pollen, cigarette smoke, mold spores, dust, and other tiny irritants. Even if you try to keep your spaces neat and tidy, the accumulation of some of these pollutants is unavoidable because air can't flow as freely inside your house as it does outside. A quality air purifier can remove most of these foreign materials from the air you breathe.

What Mechanisms do Air Purifiers Employ?

Air purifiers function by passing the air in your property through a filter, which is designed to trap even very small pieces of matter and remove them. Some models augment this process by using electrostatic charges to attract particles while others add ultraviolet irradiation to kill any microbes present.

How to Find an Effective Air Purifier

You'll want to select an air purifier that complies with HEPA standards. Any such purifier will trap at least 99.97 percent of all airborne materials 0.3 microns or larger. Because the smallest objects the human eye can distinguish are about 10 microns, this means that a HEPA-compliant device removes even invisible contaminants.

Unless you're confident in your ability to personally choose the right HEPA air purifier for improving indoor air quality, you can contact the team at All City Heat and Air in Charlotte.

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All City Heat and Air came out and installed a new system for me 2 years ago. We have had maintenance contracts on the system since then. Their professionalism is what stands out to me about them. It's under a service contract so it's covered by the contract. They come out every 6 months and the price covers the life of the contract.

I would recommend family and friends to very definitely consider them, and I will use them again. They are certainly very responsive, and they have been very willing to work with me. I live in Florida, but the house is in Charlotte so they have worked through some scheduling issues and some other issues with me that have been mutually satisfactory.

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