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How Can I Find the HVAC System That’s Perfect for My Home?
Friday, February 05, 2016
HVAC Company Salesman Meeting With Homeowners

Taking the mystery out of heating and air conditioning.

Shopping for heating and air conditioning? If your system is about to expire, or you’re shopping for equipment for a new home, there can be a whole lot of information to sift through to find the right HVAC system. Here are some shopping tips to save you time and frustration.

Bigger Doesn’t Always Mean Better

Selecting the right size HVAC unit for your home is critical. If the unit is too big, it will cycle on and off frequently, using more energy than it needs to without effectively cooling or heating your home. If the unit is too small, it will have to work overtime to keep up with temperature demands. Both of these situations will cost you more on your utility bills since the HVAC system is using excessive energy. They will also strain the equipment and shorten the lifespan while increasing the chance for breakdowns.

Don’t Dismiss Energy Efficiency

One of the most important factors when shopping for HVAC is energy efficiency. While it's important to stick to your budget, it will benefit you in the long run to invest in the most energy efficient system you can afford. All newly installed heating and air conditioning units must meet government efficiency standards, and while some only meet the minimum requirements, you can get up to 98% efficiency. Even if the initial cost is higher, you will make up the cost in your energy savings.

When you're looking for the right HVAC system for your home, one of the most important steps is to talk to a certified technician. They can guide you on the best size and capacity for your home as well as find the right energy efficiency for your budget. For everything you need to know about new heating and air conditioning, contact the pros at All City Heat and Air.

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Tom and I would like to take a moment to thank you for your recent visit to inspect and clean our heating equipment. As always, we received your normal professional and informative information. We consider you the most knowledgeable person we have ever dealt with when it comes to our heating and cooling equipment. When you put in our new system a few years ago you advised us on what would work best for our home and we were very pleased with what we decided to have installed.

We have been dealing with you for years and would not consider contacting anyone else when we have a problem or for our annual inspection. We do not hesitate to recommend you to all of our family and friends whenever they have a need for a top notch heating and air specialist.

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Tom and Barbara