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How Can I Prevent My Air Conditioner from Freezing Up This Summer?
Thursday, June 11, 2015
Outside AC unit Iced up

There are a lot of benefits to service agreements and preventing a summer freeze is one of them.

Are you considering an HVAC service agreement but are unsure of what it can offer? There are so many benefits, especially in the summer. One common issue many air conditioners will face this summer is a freeze-up. What causes it and how can you prevent it?

The Evaporator Coils Could Be the Culprit

One of the primary causes of air conditioner freeze-up is the evaporator coils. If they get dirty or there isn’t enough airflow across them they cannot effectively remove the hot air from the inside of your home and release it outside. Regular maintenance can ensure the coils are clean and in proper working order.

Freon Levels Are Not Up to Par

When the freon level is low it can affect how your whole system functions, and it can also cause your cooling system to freeze.

Freon needs to expand in order to cool, and when the levels are low, it will still need to expand the same amount for the system to cool your home. When there is increased expansion, it leads to cooler temperatures within the system and throughout the coils. When the coils are cold enough, any humidity or moisture that comes in contact with them will freeze, causing your air conditioner to ice over.

Only a professional HVAC contractor can replace your freon. When your system is serviced and maintained regularly, your freon levels get checked and it’s significantly less likely your air conditioner will freeze due to low refrigerant levels.

Don’t let your air conditioner freeze-up this summer, leaving you hot and miserable. Contact All City Heat and Air by calling 704-545-2000 to learn about their service agreements designed to keep you cool.

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The technician let me know what needed to be done, and we agreed what the cost would be. When he finished the work, he phoned back and told me he was able to use a less expensive freon and was able to adjust the bill. Very pleased with the work and will use them at another home I own.

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