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My Air Conditioning Unit Is Leaking Water in My House. What's Wrong with It?
Friday, June 19, 2015
Leaking Water on the floor

What you need to know about water leaks and your heating and air conditioning system.

It’s hard to know what to do when something goes awry with your heating and air conditioning unit. During the summer months, a problem that can be common is water leaking into your house from your air conditioning unit. There are a few reasons this could be happening:


You know how in the summer your icy cold glass of sweet tea in the warm air causes the glass to sweat? That’s condensation. In your air conditioner, when warm, humid air from inside your house is pulled out through the blower and over the evaporator coils it causes condensation as well.

Condensation should run down into a pan or drain that directs the water from the condensation out of your home or into your plumbing system. If that drain gets clogged, that’s when you’ll see water leaking into your home. Anything from dirt to bugs to pet hair can cause a drain blockage. The key is getting it unblocked so the water can flow properly again.

Evaporator Coil

If your evaporator coil freezes due to other issues within your system, this can cause excess water as well. When that much ice melts it can overcome the drain and either cause blockage or overflow the pan and the water ends up on your floor.

Finding the root cause of the frozen coils is essential to preventing additional water damage from a leak. A service call can find the problem and fix it so it doesn’t happen again.

If your air conditioner is leaking water into your home, it could be from a couple of different possible issues. Don’t ignore it; the water can damage your air conditioner and cause water damage to your home.

For a water leak or any other heating and air conditioning issues this summer, contact the licensed professionals at All City Heat and Air.

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Tom and I would like to take a moment to thank you for your recent visit to inspect and clean our heating equipment. As always, we received your normal professional and informative information. We consider you the most knowledgeable person we have ever dealt with when it comes to our heating and cooling equipment. When you put in our new system a few years ago you advised us on what would work best for our home and we were very pleased with what we decided to have installed.

We have been dealing with you for years and would not consider contacting anyone else when we have a problem or for our annual inspection. We do not hesitate to recommend you to all of our family and friends whenever they have a need for a top notch heating and air specialist.

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