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What Are the Potential Dangers of Operating Your HVAC System with a Cracked Heat Exchanger?
Thursday, January 21, 2016
HVAC system's heat exchanger

Safety and prevention are critical with your heating system. Here’s why.

Safety and prevention are the priority in the HVAC industry and probably in your home as well. But what the pros know, the average homeowner might not. Like a cracked heat exchanger, for instance. Is it dangerous? Should you worry? Here’s the lowdown.

Industry Recommendation

The American Gas Association has put in writing that their recommendation is immediate replacement when a heat exchanger is cracked. Why? Because there is the potential for carbon monoxide to leak out through the crack and into your home. Carbon monoxide, as most people well know, can be deadly. This is why it’s so highly recommended that anytime there’s a crack, the unit should be replaced.

Is Every Crack Liable to Leak Toxic Gas?

Not every crack is created equal, and there are arguments that some cracks won’t allow carbon monoxide to leak through or that some cracks are so small that little to no air can leak through at all. The problem with those arguments is that you can never be certain that leaks will never happen.

What Makes the Crack Dangerous?

When heat exchangers get hot, the metal expands and the cracks can open up allowing air through. Additionally, over time with use and wear-and-tear, the cracks can get worse or can spread increasing the likelihood of leaked air and a dangerous situation in your home.

When asked whether or not a cracked heat exchanger should be replaced, the answer should always be a resounding yes. There is no reason to take any kind of chance with something with the potential to be so dangerous.

If you think your heat exchanger might be cracked, or you’d like an inspection to ensure safety and prevention, contact the team at All City Heat and Air.

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All City Heat and Air came out and installed a new system for me 2 years ago. We have had maintenance contracts on the system since then. Their professionalism is what stands out to me about them. It's under a service contract so it's covered by the contract. They come out every 6 months and the price covers the life of the contract.

I would recommend family and friends to very definitely consider them, and I will use them again. They are certainly very responsive, and they have been very willing to work with me. I live in Florida, but the house is in Charlotte so they have worked through some scheduling issues and some other issues with me that have been mutually satisfactory.

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