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Why Is the Upstairs in My Home Hotter Than the Downstairs?
Thursday, April 14, 2016
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When it comes to accessories/upgrades for your heating and cooling system, the number one priority is making your system more effective. If you’re feeling inconsistent temperatures in your house, the key to correcting it could be as simple as zoning.

What Causes Temperature Inconsistencies?

Are the upstairs rooms in your home hotter than the downstairs? The primary reason is your thermostat. If you have one main thermostat that controls the temperature of your entire house, it's going to operate based on the room temperature where the thermostat is located. Because hot air rises, that often means your upstairs is hotter than your downstairs.

What Is Zoning?

Zoning is a way of customizing your heating or cooling by area in your home. Instead of setting one temperature for the whole house, you can create zones and adjust the temperature for each zone separately depending on use, need, and desired temperature.

How Does Zoning Work?

One way zoning works is by setting up different thermostats to control each area of your home that you want to cool or heat independently. Another zoning method is installing a duct system with dampers that open and close to control the temperature in each area. Each zone has a temperature sensor and feeds information back to the central thermostat that controls the whole system.

If your house is hotter in some areas and colder in others, you’re not alone. Temperature inconsistencies are common in homes with only one central thermostat. Zoning can help. To find out more about zoning and other accessories/upgrades that can help you create more customized heating and cooling for your home, contact the pros at All City Heat and Air.

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