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How Do I Safely Re-Light the Pilot Light on My Furnace?
Wednesday, December 21, 2016
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Do you know your Ps and Qs when it comes to safety and prevention and your HVAC system? Pilot lights can go out, and it's important to know what you're doing when you’re attempting to re-light them. Here’s how to do it safely.

First and Foremost: Turn Off the Gas

The gas is the fuel that keeps your furnace humming along, but combining gas and flame without safety controls in place is a recipe for disaster. Before you do anything related to your pilot light, be sure to turn off the gas valve. Then wait at least three minutes before doing anything else to let the gas clear from the valve.

Second: Switch the Valve Setting

The next step when re-lighting your pilot light is to turn the valve setting to “pilot.” Confirm the valve setting is correct, and then push the reset button on the pilot control panel at the same time you hold a match or flame to the pilot opening. Keep the button pressed until the pilot flame burns brightly. Once the pilot flame lights, make sure you reset the valve to the “on” position.

What If the Flame Won’t Stay Lit?

A disappearing flame is a common problem and could mean the pilot opening is clogged. If the pilot won’t stay lit, turn off the gas again and clean the opening with a piece of wire. Repeat the steps to re-light the pilot. If it still won't stay lit, it probably needs professional attention and a service call from an HVAC technician.   

If your furnace isn’t turning on and the pilot light is off, just a few simple steps can get it re-lit. However, if it won’t stay lit, be aware of safety and prevention measures and call in the pros at All City Heat and Air. We are here to meet your HVAC needs.

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Repair technician inspected newly installed thermostat, found installation error, and repaired. He then inspected the air handler and outside compressor. Discovered freon was leaking, topped off freon to hold me over, and made recommendations for future repairs and upgrades.

Response time was great - next day service, on a Saturday. Service fee was very reasonable, and the technician was polite, professional, and informative.

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