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Thermostat Programming Tips for an Energy Efficient Summer
Tuesday, August 04, 2015
Programmable Thermostat

Want to increase your energy efficiency, even in the heat of summer?

It’s hot and the air conditioning is on, but is energy efficiency really out the door during the summer? Not necessarily. There are some great tips you can use to increase your energy efficiency this summer, including some simple thermostat programming. Here’s what you can do to save energy while keeping comfortable:

Turn It Up

The most basic way to reduce your energy consumption in the summer is to turn the temperature on your thermostat up. When you’re not home or are away, the house can be a little warmer, which will save you on your utility bills and make your home more energy efficient.

Program It for Your Schedule

Instead of simply setting your thermostat higher, you can program it to turn on and off and to move from one temperature to another based on your schedule. You can let it get a little warmer while you’re at work or asleep, or even when you go on vacation.

Add Zoning

Another option for creating a more energy efficient home is to incorporate zoning into your system. Zoning allows you to program your air conditioning system using different areas of your home as “zones” so you can have more control over how much energy you use. It gives you flexibility to your comfort levels while reducing your energy use.

Programming your thermostat is just one of the many ways to reduce your energy use and your utility bills this summer. For more tips on increasing the energy efficiency of your home, even during the hottest months of the year, click this link to contact All City Heat and Air or call 704-545-2000.

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I have been a long time customer of All City Heat and Air, and this review is long overdue. I have used All City's services for 15 years and every experience has be a very good one.

Short, sweet and to the point this is an exceptional company. The owner's and employee's work ethic and quality of work are excellent.The service provided is prompt, professional and always above and beyond the expected.

It's big city service with small town appeal. On a scale of 1 to 10...I give them an 11!

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