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Top 4 Benefits of High Efficiency Air Conditioners
Thursday, September 17, 2015
Residential AC Systems

Is it worth upgrading my heating and air conditioning to a high efficiency unit?

Heating and air conditioning is a primary expense for most people, often eating up a big chunk of the household budget. Is it worth it to switch to a high efficiency air conditioner? Here are 4 of the benefits to help you decide:

Benefit #1: Cost Reduction

Your utility bill is a monthly reminder of whether or not your air conditioner is energy efficient. By upgrading to a more efficient system you could save an enormous amount of money over time. Older units can run at 65% efficiency while new units can be 90% efficient, paying for themselves in energy savings alone.

Benefit #2: Superior Performance

As HVAC technology improves, including energy efficiency, it also improves in performance. With better temperature control and more consistent air flow, your home will feel more comfortable with less variation in temperature and more control over your comfort level.

Benefit #3: Longer Life Expectancy

Because of the reduction in on-off cycles in new equipment, the life expectancy of higher efficiency air conditioning systems is extended far beyond older units. With less cycling on and off and less wear and tear on moving parts, you’ll get a longer life out of your system.

Benefit #4: Environmental Impact

Taking care of the Earth is just one of the many benefits of a more energy efficient air conditioner. As you use less energy and burn less fuel, you take care of our planet by using less resources and causing less waste.

Taking advantage of a new high efficiency air conditioner has many benefits besides just lowering your utility bills. To learn more about upgrading your heating and air conditioning system to improve energy efficiency, contact the team at All City Heat and Air by calling 704-545-2000 or by clicking here.

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The technician let me know what needed to be done, and we agreed what the cost would be. When he finished the work, he phoned back and told me he was able to use a less expensive freon and was able to adjust the bill. Very pleased with the work and will use them at another home I own.

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