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Ways to Prevent Space Heater-Related Accidents
Thursday, October 06, 2016
Space Heater Safety

Even when safety and prevention are a priority in your home, accidents can happen. During the cool winter months, these accidents can often involve space heaters. We understand, when it’s cold out and you’re trying to save money on heat, you turn on a space heater to warm up a room, but you may not be aware of the dangers. To avoid a catastrophe, pay attention to these simple ways to prevent space heater related accidents.

Pay Attention to the Space

One of the most common reasons for space heater accidents is a lack of space around the unit. It’s important to have at least three feet of cleared space. Anything closer than that to the unit could get too hot and cause a fire. 

Stay Close By

It may seem overcautious, but it’s important to stay close to your heater. Never leave the unit unattended. If there were a malfunction or if something were to get too hot or ignite, you can act quickly if you’re in the same room. The same can’t be said if you leave the heater unattended.

Watch Where You Put the Space Heater

When you’re using a portable heater, be careful where you place it. To prevent it from tipping over, make sure it’s on a stable, flat surface. Never put it on a bed or a piece of upholstered furniture. 

Check the Cord

Before you use your space heater, check the state of the cord. If it is damaged or frayed, don’t use it. It’s also important that the plug fits securely into the wall socket to prevent electrical issues, including shorts, sparks, or even fire. 

Saving money on your heating is one thing, but preventing accidents when you’re using a space heater is another. For more information on safety and prevention while keeping your house warm, contact our friendly team of HVAC experts at All City Heat and Air today.

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