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What Are Some Ways I Can Improve My Home's Indoor Air Quality?
Thursday, February 05, 2015
Indoor Air Quality

The average home hides more than 1,000 pollutants. It’s time to improve the indoor air quality in your home before it makes your family sick.

From formaldehyde, radon, dangerous chemicals, pet dander, and molds, the average home is ridden with thousands of pollutants. Whether just one or many, these pollutants have a serious impact on the home’s indoor air quality. This can be dangerous to your family’s health and wellbeing. So, what can you do to ensure that the indoor air quality in your home doesn’t make your family sick?

Here are few easy steps anyone can take to clean up any impure air:

Keep humidity levels between 30-50%.

The humid Charlotte, NC air can sometimes cause mildew or mold buildup within a home. Even a small amount of mold can release spores into the air that can be very dangerous to the lungs. One way to keep humidity at a safe level is to install a quality Bryant air conditioning system designed to regulate indoor humidity levels, no matter the climate.

Keep heating and air-conditioning systems well maintained.

A poorly maintained system will be unable to work properly and this can hinder its ability to rid the home of airborne pollutants. Be sure to change filters regularly and have preventative maintenance checks completed by a professional before the start of both the summer and winter seasons. This will help keep the system running smoothly for years to come.

Install an air purifier to your heating and air conditioning system.

Every home can benefit from a professionally installed air filtration system; but these systems are vital for homes where the occupants smoke – especially if there are family members who have respiratory challenges. Cigarette smoke is known to contain 4,000 different chemicals. Many of these can cause respiratory problems, chronic ear infections, or asthma in children who breathe second-hand smoke. An air purifier can help reduce these risks.

Improving your home indoor air quality doesn’t have to be difficult – or expensive. Click here or call 704-545-2000 to ask the heating and cooling specialists at All City Heat and Air for more ideas on keeping the air you breathe as safe as possible.

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My experience could not have been better. I called in the morning for an afternoon appointment since I found that one of my AC units was not working properly in the morning. The technician was right on time. He quickly diagnosed the problem and quickly repaired it for a reasonable price. I would definitely recommend All City Heat and Air.

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