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Why Does My Home Always Seem Dusty?
Thursday, December 24, 2015
Homeowners Dealing With a Dusty Home

Learn what to do if you are coughing and wheezing because of your indoor air quality.

Your indoor air quality could be affecting your life quality. Why? It could be all that dust! If you’re wondering why your house always seems so dusty, and why you always feel like you have a wee bit of a cold, you’ve come to the right place.

Indoor Air Quality and You

Many people think that going indoors can protect them from air pollutants, but often our homes can have indoor air quality that is worse than the air outside. The most common pollutant is dust and the dust mites that go with it. Allergies, asthma, itchy eyes and nose, and scratchy throat are all side effects of too much dust in your indoor air.

Causes of Too Much Dust?

There are many causes of a dusty house. Construction nearby, lots of pets, poor housekeeping, a broken vacuum, these are all legitimate reasons for dust. However, the more common causes are often related to your heating system.

Your heating system pulls in air from the rooms in your home, heats it, and recirculates it. If the dust isn’t properly captured and trapped it will just get blown around all over again. Why? Two primary reasons: leaky ducts and clogged air filters. If either of these are present you can be assured you will have more dust in your home.

What to Do about the Dust

Improving your indoor air quality can be done a number of ways. Sealing leaky ducts is one way, replacing your clogged air filters is another, and installing the right air filtration system is another. Whatever route you take, one or all of the above, it’s important to clear the air in your home.

For the advice and guidance you need regarding reducing the dust in your home and improving your indoor air quality, contact the team at All City Heat and Air by calling 704-545-2000 or by clicking here.

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