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Why Is My Air Conditioning So Loud When It Comes On?
Tuesday, April 21, 2015
AC Noises

Some heating and air conditioning mysteries are easier to solve than others.

When it comes to heating and air conditioning, the quieter the system the better. But if your air conditioning is unusually loud and getting louder, it could be a sign of something wrong. There are a few things you can troubleshoot on your own before calling for professional service.

What to Do: If the Sound is a Rattle

Often when you hear a rattle with an air conditioning unit it’s a signal that something isn’t right. If it’s coming from your exterior unit, it could be something as simple as sticks, branches, leaves, or debris in the fan or the vents. If you hear something louder it could be something that’s come loose, like a screw or a bolt.

Another issue could be the compressor. As they age they tend to become louder, which could indicate it is nearing a breakdown. Having it checked by a technician will answer that question for you.

What to Do: If the Sound is More Like Grinding

Grinding from your HVAC unit is never good. There could be something wrong with the fan or the fan blades. Get that sound checked as soon as possible before major or even permanent damage is done.

What to Do: If the Sound is Like a Whistle

A whistling sound might be coming from your vents or ducts. If the vents aren’t allowing enough air to pass, it can cause a whistle. Another possibility is your ductwork. As it ages, it can begin to gap and as air passes over the gaps and holes it can cause that same whistle. Having your ductwork professionally inspected at this point would be beneficial.

No matter what the sound is your air conditioner is making, if it’s louder than normal, it’s probably time to check it out.

Contact All City Heat and Air to schedule maintenance or repair for your heating and air conditioning system.

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I have had All City put in a couple of units in homes for me, and they did an outstanding job utilizing quality equipment at value prices. All City has also maintained and extended the life of a couple of older units without hesitation and without complaint.

The owners are are consistently available and always pleasant, and the employees are professional, courteous, and highly skilled.

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