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Why Is My Heat Pump Running All the Time?
Monday, February 23, 2015
Heat Pump

How much should the heat pump on your heating and air conditioning unit run? If it never seems to shut off, you could be wasting a lot of energy and money.

Heating and air conditioning heat pumps are made to run while the unit is working, but that doesn’t mean you should hear them humming along non-stop all winter long. If you begin to notice that your heat pump is running more than it has in the past, it may be time to check it out.

Here are a couple of factors that could be causing your heat pump to run so frequently:

Your thermostat setting could be incorrect.

An incorrect setting can make the system think it should be running more often. You can try to fix the problem yourself if you like. First, try resetting your thermostat, or even replacing it – making sure that the wiring is done correctly.

Your circuit breaker could be having an issue.

In some cases, a pump that runs too much is an electrical problem. Check your circuit breaker box for problems. The good news is that it’s probably an easy and inexpensive fix. You just might need a little help from an expert to figure it all out and solve the problem.

If neither of these common issues is to blame, you may need a little help to solve the problem. If it’s an internal problem with the system, such as a blower relay switch defect, a qualified technician may be the only one who can diagnose and fix the problem without a hassle.

Calling in a local Charlotte NC professional from All City Heat and Air is the best way to fix your problem quickly and easily. You can get all the heating and air conditioning help you need, day or night, by calling us at 704-545-2000, or clicking here.

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