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Why Is My Skin So Dry During the Winter?
Monday, January 12, 2015
Indoor Humidity

Could your indoor air quality be causing dry skin?

Indoor air quality is something we all tend to take for granted. Because most of our homes are climate controlled, we assume all is well and as it should be. But if you're experiencing dry skin during the winter, the air in your home is probably to blame. Wondering why that might be? Wondering what to do about it?

Winter Air Equals Dry Air

The colder the air is the less humidity it can hold before it condenses, which is why cooler winter air means dryer air. Dryer air outside means dryer air inside. With the heat from your HVAC system, especially if it's a forced air system, your relative humidity is going to be almost non-existent. When the air inside and outside your home doesn't hold moisture, your skin suffers because there is no external moisture to keep it from drying out.

Humidity and You

The best way to tackle the dry air in your home and create a more comfortable living environment is by increasing the relative humidity. When we're talking about relative humidity we're talking about a formula that indicates how much water vapor is present in the air.

Generally speaking the optimal relative humidity in your home is between 40% and 60%. Keeping your home in this range will not only help keep your skin from feeling so dry, itchy, and rough, it can also help fight off the viruses and bugs that go around in the winter, keep your sinuses from feeling dry and irritated, and help prevent itchy, dry eyes.

Combatting Dry Air

The best way to increase the relative humidity in your house and decrease your dry skin and other irritations is with a humidifier. The proper humidity can be achieved with the right system, which will help regulate the moisture levels in your home, and make you and your family more comfortable throughout the dry winter months.

To learn more about top-of-the-line Bryant humidifiers to help reduce the dry air and improve the indoor air quality in your home, contact us or call All City Heat and Air at 704-545-2000 today.

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