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Why Regular Maintenance Is Important to You This Summer
Thursday, September 10, 2015
AC Maintenance

What can service agreements really do for me this summer?

Lots of people hesitate at the thought of signing up for a service agreement. But what if we told you that regular HVAC maintenance is important, especially in the summer? Keep reading for a rundown of why it’s important, and how a service agreement can help your home.

Prepping for the Summer Heat

Getting your HVAC tuned up for the change of seasons will affect its performance. A tune-up as you switch from heat to air conditioning will help your AC run more smoothly and more efficiently.

Even if there’s nothing wrong with your air conditioner, it’s a good idea to get it inspected before you crank it up. When you have a service agreement in place, those spring maintenance appointments are already taken care of.

Here’s a basic checklist for spring maintenance:

  • Check and calibrate thermostats
  • Lubricate all moving parts
  • Inspect condensate drain
  • Inspect and clean evaporator coils and condenser coils
  • Check and adjust refrigerant levels
  • Inspect and adjust blower components

Catching Trouble Early

One of the primary goals of regular maintenance is to catch any small issues before they become big problems. Often an HVAC tech will notice an element of your air conditioner that isn’t functioning properly before it affects the cooling in your home. If left untreated, it could lead to a breakdown and costly repairs. A service agreement will ensure that your system gets inspected twice a year to make sure those little issues are caught and fixed early so you don’t end up without cool air in the middle of a heat wave.

Nothing says summer like a hot day and a cool house. Make sure you don’t lose your cool with an unexpected air conditioner breakdown. For the best service agreements for your home and HVAC system, contact the team at All City Heat and Air by calling 704-545-2000 or by clicking here.

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They serviced our a/c unit as well as purchasing a service agreement. They were fantastic! They were amazing when it came to responsiveness. Everything was done as they said it would be. They were just as good and professional as the larger heating and a/c companies who were going to charge me a lot more. I would refer them without hesitation.

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