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Dual Fuel Systems are an Economical Way to Heat and Cool

Bryant dual fuel system

Sometimes referred to as hybrid systems, dual fuel systems are really two systems bundled into one. If you’re looking for both an electric heat pump and a gas heater in one versatile hybrid system, a dual fuel system is perfect for you.

Like most systems, there are pros and cons to both gas heating systems and heat pumps. While dual fuel systems are more costly than conventional HVAC systems, the savings in lower utility bills quickly offset your initial investment costs. It’s all savings after the break-even point.

Greater Charlotte has the Ideal Climate for Dual Fuel Systems

The dual fuel system is a perfect fit for any office or home located within greater Charlotte. We tend to have above freezing temperatures most of the year, except once in a while during the winter months.

During milder weather, heat pumps effectively heat your business or home. On the rare occasions when the thermometer falls below freezing, the heat pump turns off, and the gas heating system switches on. No matter the outside temperature, you have a cost-effective system for keeping your office or home comfortable.

No Matter Where You Live in the Greater Charlotte Area, We Can Help

All City Heat and Air will provide you with the best dual fuel systems available anywhere, no matter where you live in the greater Charlotte area.

To find out more about dual fuel systems, call the heating and air conditioning experts at All City. Call 704-545-2000 now for help selecting the right dual fuel system for you.

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