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Furnace Repair from All City Heats Your Home Again

repairing furnace

Most of us don’t even think about our furnace until it stops working, which is typically on the coldest night of the winter. Then we can think of nothing else. We desperately want to figure out how to get from frozen to cozy and comfortable.

Things that Can Affect Your Repair

There is nothing worse than being woken on a cold winter night to the sounds of a dying furnace. And if you’re like the rest of us, you’re thinking about the cost of repairing that dying furnace. Some common concerns that can affect those repair costs are:

  1. What is Causing the Problem
    Furnaces are designed to be dependable and last for years, if not decades, without problems. Unfortunately, they do occasionally crash. Many of the problems that cause furnaces to break result from neglecting regular maintenance and cleaning. Other problems involve mechanical or electrical parts.

    • Dirt: If the problem is caused by inadequate maintenance and cleaning, you might be able to solve the problem by doing a proper cleaning. If so, then repair costs are small.

    • Electrical: If you find that the problem is electrical, it may be a non- furnace issue. Make sure you inspect the circuits and breakers for electrical problems in the house. If this is the problem, the repairs might be minor.

    • Parts: If the problem is caused by bad parts that need to be replaced, then your repair costs could be quite high depending on the parts needed.

  2. How Clean the Furnace Is
    When it comes to your furnace, dirt is the typical problem. It can cause the furnace to waste fuel and greatly reduces its efficiency. It also has a big impact on parts. These parts of the furnace should always be kept clean:

    • Motor
    • Filter
    • Blower

To find out more about furnace repair, call the HVAC experts at All City today. Call 704-545-2000 now to learn how to deal with furnace repair issues.

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