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Charlotte's Top Choice for Heat Pump Installation

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Heat pump installation can make a huge difference where it counts most – your bank account. You can significantly lower the expense of heating or cooling your home or business by installing a heat pump. The heat pump replaces not only the air conditioning unit, but also the furnace. They may be more costly to install, but over the long haul, they’ll save you a lot in reduced energy costs.

Details to Consider with Heat Pump Installation

  1. Size of Your Home: The biggest factor in calculating the cost of your heat pump is the size of your home. The pump size is determined based on the home’s square footage. The larger your heat pump, the larger the expense. And whatever you do, don’t try to cut corners by putting in a smaller pump. Any up-front savings will quickly be offset by higher operating costs necessary to generate the same levels of service.

  2. Type of Heat Pump: You have a choice of two basic kinds of pumps.
    • Geothermal Pump
    • Air-source Pump

    The geothermal pump draws heat from the earth, while the air source pump draws heat from the outside air. The air-source pump costs less than the geothermal pump, and it’s better in cold to mild weather.

    Air source pumps require more maintenance than geothermal pumps because they are above ground. However, these costs can be kept down with regularly scheduled care. The amount you save on utility bills over time will likely more than cover the cost of maintenance.

  3. Expense of Installation: Because the geothermal heat pump is installed below ground, things like soil excavation, drainage, etc. increase installation costs. An air-source heat pump has a less intensive installation process, but still requires experience and expertise to install properly. A qualified HVAC company who is familiar with the system and how it should be installed is a must.

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