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Air Filtration Systems Help Keep Indoor Air Clean and Healthy

Bryant air purifier

If you are prone to asthma or allergies, having a proper air filtration system in your home is critical. It ensures you are breathing clean air.

Even if you don’t have asthma, dirty air poorly impacts your health. Pets, carpets, cleaning supplies, weather, and other elements all contribute to pollutants, mildew, and mold in your house. With proper air filtration systems, these contaminants are filtered out of your indoor air.

We Recommend the Best Air Filtration Systems for Your Space

All City Heat & Air offers filtration systems that use the latest tools and technologies to ensure the air you and your family breathe is as clean as possible. We are committed to following the latest environmental standards for indoor air quality.

We want all our customers to have the equipment needed to ensure the air you breathe is clean and healthy. After discussing your needs with you and assessing your situation, we will make recommendations for products and services to provide you with the cleanest air possible.

Proper Installation of Your Air Filtration System

With more than forty years in the HVAC industry, we have an excellent reputation for installing your air filtration system right the first time, with fewer callbacks than our competitors. We promise to always provide friendly, courteous service.

To find out more about the right air filtration system for you, call the heating and air conditioning experts at All City at 704-545-2000.

Evolution® System Air Purifier
Evolution® System Air Purifier

Keep your air as clean as possible. This ultra-reliable air purifier from Bryant uses Captures & Kills technology to destroy bacteria, viruses, and mold. Indoor air is constantly circled and purified, up to 8 times each hour.

Preferred™ Series Dual UV Lamp
Preferred™ Series Dual UV Lamp

Keep your system clean and running efficiently with this dual UV lamp. This add-on to your regular heating and cooling system helps improve indoor air quality in your home. This dual lamp piece is especially great for larger homes.

Preferred™ Series Single UV Lamp
Preferred™ Series Single UV Lamp

If you suffer from allergies and asthma, a UV lamp from Bryant could help reduce allergens in your home. Placing this single lamp on your cooling coil helps to kill bacteria and mold that can grow there, and keep your air clean.

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